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At Woolpit Primary Academy, we are keen to promote Science as an important part of our everyday lives. We believe that Science teaching is essential to develop a curiosity about the world around us and as such it is taught prominently throughout the school. We recognise that as the world makes technological advances at an unprecedented pace, a good understanding of Science is not only desirable but also essential to enable our pupils to be fully equipped for 21st century life. We also want to encourage children at Woolpit Primary Academy to become the next generation of UK scientists!

Our Science lessons give us a chance for hands on learning and chances for the children to learn through practical means. The children develop their understanding of thinking scientifically, performing tests, observing processes and using simple equipment, understanding the idea of fair testing. The children learn the importance of asking questions, and recognise that there may be more than one way of answering. We encourage a supportive environment where children can learn confidently, understanding that mistakes or unexpected results can be opportunities for deeper learning rather than disappointments. We build children’s scientific vocabulary so they can clearly discuss the work they have been doing and articulate questions.

To help embed our teaching, we use Science specific knowledge organisers. These knowledge organisers contain key facts and information, ensuring that the children have access to the resources they need to cement their understanding.

At Woolpit we strive to make Science accessible, exciting and valuable. 

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