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Woolpit Primary Academy

Our curriculum intent

Nurture, Inspiration, Resilience, Respect

Our core values are; Nurture, Resilience, Inspiration and Respect, which are at the heart of all we do. Our intent is to ensure children leave Woolpit Primary Academy with a love of learning, as resilient individuals who are prepared for their futures. Our nurturing approach ensures all pupils grow into well-rounded individuals with healthy minds. Children will leave our primary school as respectful members of the community; inspired to learn and motivated to achieve.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Children that achieve at least the expected standard at the end of every stage

  • Curriculum that offers a unique contribution which is over and above the minimum expectations of the NC and EYFS curriculum, which engages and inspires learning

  • PSHE at the heart of everything we teach to develop the whole child and ensure we support children to be emotionally and mentally resilient

  • Learning that will challenge all

  • Fluent readers who have a love of reading and learning

  • Children who are not afraid of making mistakes and have the skills to overcome hurdles

  • Children who are respectful and kind

What do we believe?

  • We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that is progressive, using skills and knowledge

  • Every learner can achieve no matter what stage in their learning they are

  • In inspiring learners through purposeful learning experiences

  • In setting high expectations

  • Reading is the key to developing learning

  • Teaching children skills for developing strong relationships

  • Supporting children to be emotionally well

  • Engaging parents to enable them to support their children

  • In children being able to identify feelings and empathy in themselves and others

What do we know?

  • Our community has a variety of different needs and we need to develop our children’s emotional resilience to ensure they are prepared for a healthy life in the future

  • By engaging our parents, we will enable learning

  • A proportion of our children have limited experiences of the wider world 

  •  Nurturing our children will enable them to thrive

  • We need to expand vocabulary which is under developed in our children

The Woolpit Curriculum

At Woolpit Primary Academy we have developed our own curriculum. It is a curriculum which encompasses everything we believe our children need to be rounded citizens of the future. We have identified six themes across two years which provide opportunities for all year groups to explore and question the cause and effect of ‘big issues’ we are facing on our planet today.

 Within the six themes (Human Rights, Exploration, Our Local Area, Monarchs, Technology and Global Warming) we have broken down the National Curriculum objectives across all subjects to provide relevant and meaningful sequences of lessons, with reading and subject specific vocabulary at its heart. Our curriculum is knowledge and skills based with specific learning which we called ‘sticky knowledge’. Sticky knowledge refers to the information the children need to be able to build on year on year to embed new learning. We ensure our children retain the necessary knowledge through regular quizzing and the use of knowledge organisers.

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