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The Department of Education regulates many of the assessments that are carried out at Woolpit Primary Academy. There is some specific terminology used which can be found in the document 'School performance tables: how we report the data'. An abridged version of some terminology can be found below.

What does 'meeting the expected standard' mean?

Pupils are ‘meeting the expected standard’ if they achieve a ‘scaled score’ of 100 or more in their reading and maths tests, and their teacher assesses them as ‘working at the expected standard’ or better in writing. 

What does 'achieving at a higher standard' mean?

Pupils are ‘achieving at a higher standard’ if they achieve a ‘scaled score’ of 110 or more in their reading and maths tests, and their teacher assesses them as ‘working at a greater depth within the expected standard’ in writing. This standard was set for the first time in 2016 by the Department for Education to provide information about pupils across England achieving in the top 5%.

What is a Scaled Score?

A pupil’s scaled score is based on their raw score. The raw score is the total number of marks a pupil scores in a test, based on the number of questions they answered correctly.

Tests are developed each year to the same specification, but because the questions must be different, the difficulty of tests may vary slightly each year. This means the Department for Education needs to convert the raw scores pupils get in the tests into a scaled score, to ensure  accurate comparisons of pupil performance over time. Every scaled score will represent the same level of attainment for a pupil each year, so a pupil who scores 103, for example, in 2016 will have demonstrated the same attainment as a pupil who scores 103 in 2017.

A scaled score of 100 will always represent the expected standard on the test. Pupils scoring 100 or more will have met the expected standard on the test.

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