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Every human is an artist - Don Miguel Ruiz

Every human is an artist - Don Miguel Ruiz

At Woolpit, Art is taught as an integral part of our curriculum, different aspects of Art are embedded and spread out across our overarching themes. Each aspect of Art is taught through a sequential process which starts with researching, exploring or taking inspiration from an artist. Looking at their work, background and other information about them gives our pupils the opportunity to broaden not just their knowledge but also their cultural horizons and artistic opinions. We ensure we include artists from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

The children then have the opportunity to experiment in the design phase of the process. Here they will examine specific pieces of art and think about the final outcomes from the art remit they have been given.

After this exploratory phase the children will create their own pieces of art using the new skills and techniques they have been taught, which follow our progression of skills document. At Woolpit we want the children to explore their creativity and expression within their artistic pieces so each piece produced is completely individual and unique.

Finally pupils will have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their creations in order to think about how they could refine and improve the pieces they have created.

Sketch books are used and follow the children throughout their school life so that they can see how their art has developed over their time at Woolpit Primary Academy

Long Term Art plan click here

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