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Our geography curriculum has been built to provide our children with the desire to explore, question and develop curiosity to understand the natural and human features of our locality and those worldwide. The curriculum allows children to develop a deep understanding of the earth’s physical and natural processes and understand their place within it.

The national curriculum objectives for geography are woven through our six concepts: Human Rights, Exploration, The Local Area, Monarchs, Technology and Global Warming.  These are concepts which we believe will build cultural capital for Woolpit children and provide them with aspirations to explore and care for our planet: knowing what has caused and effected the planet we live on. We plan in opportunities to see our geography in action: visiting Dunwich, Bury St Edmunds, carrying out local fieldwork, as well as inviting visitors to share aspects of their own country and culture.

Through our planning, objectives build on each other to embed previous skills and knowledge and to provide a hook to hang the new. We use knowledge organisers to provide children with necessary diagrams, images, timelines, maps and vocabulary. To check for embedded learning, we quiz at the beginning of each lesson and then termly on the previous concept taught.

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