All schools in the UK are subject to regular inspections by Ofsted.  The most recent inspection at Woolpit took place in 2018 and a lot has changed since then and the school is now in a completely different place and unrecognisable from that time.  As a school we are striving for excellence and have put a huge amount of effort into making sure our school is at least good by the time it is next inspected. We have focused on ensuring teaching and learning is good across the school and the curriculum is relevant and inspiring for all of our children.


In February 2021, we invited two OFSTED inspectors to complete a mock OFSTED around the area of leadership and management. The outcome from this was really positive and the inspectors said:


“Leaders throughout the school recognise the importance of providing high quality education for all students; work is being done to ensure that strong, consistent practice is adopted across the school”.

“The Headteacher provides an inspirational example to her team in terms of how to lead, and has been rewarded by their hard work and their well-earned support; the Headteacher’s high expectations have set the tone for the huge strides forward made, leads by example, and has cleverly tackled the right priorities, in the right order, at an impressive pace”. 


The full report is available here: