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Power Of Reading - CLPE

To teach the English curriculum at Woolpit Primary Academy we use the The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education


Power of Reading units.

The units are based around a vocabulary- rich, high-quality text with an emphasis on personal, social and health education, which develops our children’s ability to empathise, nurture and build emotional resilience. All the units provide teaching sequences to develop a greater depth of understanding of the text, linking National Curriculum reading and writing objectives. Children at Woolpit are immersed in the world of the text through drama, empathising with a character through different writing genres, focussed discussions and cross curricular links to all subjects.

During each teaching sequence our children are introduced to a range of other high-quality texts by the author and a similar genre of books.


At Woolpit Primary Academy, we provide the children with a variety of opportunities to express themselves through writing. It is not just used in English lessons, but across the whole curriculum.

We ensure that the children cover a variety of genres to guarantee that they have plenty of exposure to different writing techniques and styles. The children develop their writing skills through inspirational good quality class texts, which is linked to the Power of Reading. To develop confident independent writers, it is essential that these writing skills are modelled in the classroom, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills are linked to the focus genre, which will then allow the children the confidence to produce their own pieces of writing.

At Woolpit, there is strong focus on reading as it believed that people who read frequently have more expansive vocabularies, improved writing skills and higher levels of empathy and emotional intelligence. This in turn, increases their knowledge and boosts creativity, which equips the children with the tools to write creatively developing their own style.

Accelerated Reader

At Woolpit Primary Academy, we use Accelerated Reader to support reading.  Children begin the programme when they are fluent and moved away from phonics-based books. Children start by taking a star reader test, which identifies the number range of books a child can choose from within our library. All books in our library are coded with a number. After completing a book, the children then take a reading quiz which identifies progress made in regards to comprehension skills.  During our assessment week at the end of each term children take the star reading test again to demonstrate progress made and hopefully move on to a new range of books. This also provides information regarding any extra support children may need.

Reading For Pleasure

Our school is currently undertaking a research project with the Open University to develop reading for pleasure within our school. This is involving us developing our reading areas in class, informal talk surrounding reading and book choices and developing our offer of genres and ensuring our children are exposed to high quality texts that inform and interest them and bring their imagination to life. We have been very fortunate to be awarded a grant from the Foyle Foundation, which will significantly enhance our reading offer, supplementing our library and and provide rich vocabulary based texts to support our curriculum.



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