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Religious Education (RE)

At Woolpit Primary we believe that RE is a an important element of our curriculum. When our children leave our school we want them to be nurturing, resilient, inspiring and respectful. RE encompasses all of these values.  When we are learning about different faiths, different ways of living and different beliefs the children are being inspired, they are recognising the resilience of others, they will begin to nurture their own and others beliefs and most importantly gain respect and tolerance for others in our community and in the wider world. 

How do we teach RE?
We follow the Agreed Suffolk Syllabus 'The Emmanuel Project'. We teach it in a 2 yearly cycle, except for EYFS who teach it on a yearly cycle, and we have 1 unit per half term. Each unit is more than often taught in blocks, when it is appropriate for each class to do so in the half term. Occasionally it is taught weekly if it fits in well with our overarching curriculum theme. 

What do we teach?
Each year has 6 units of study to cover. In EYFS it has a predominantly Christian focus, but each unit has an encounter with another religion - Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.
In Years 1 and 2 they study 3 religions over the 2 yearly cycle, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
When the children get to years 3 and 4 they begin to broaden their knowledge on different religions and study Hinduism and Sikhism, as well as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
In Years 5 and 6 they broaden their understanding of different faiths further by studying Humanism and Buddhism as well as the other religions already taught.
Each unit has a Key Question which the children develop their understanding of over the unit. We assess the children on their understanding of this Key Question at the end of the Unit.  

See below for a link to the Long Term Plans, Religions and Key Questions covered. (We are in the process of re-organising the order of these Units being taught)


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