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Meet Our School Council


Our wonderful 'School Councillors' represent each of our 5 classes in school. Two children from each class were elected by their classmates to be the voice of the rest of their class. The children in Key Stage 2 were asked to stand up in front of their peers and present reasons for why they should be elected; we saw this opportunity as great to practice for a key life skill.


Last term we talked a lot about the children's opinions on 'praise and reward' within the school. As a school we follow 'Paul Dix's' Approach to behaviour, focusing on the positive, without the need for physical reward. Therefore, as a school we have moved away from 'House Point' systems and use our class 'Recognition Walls' to focus on the noticing those children who go over and above. We also send home 'Positive Postcards' on a Friday, to children who consistently go over and above in class time. As a school council; after lots of talking time with the classes; we have reinstated 'Hot Chocolate Wednesdays', children who receive a Positive Postcard will be invited to come and share a hot chocolate together in recognition of our pride in their success. 

In the coming weeks we are going to look at how as a school we can raise funds to improve the Early Years outdoor area, I can't wait to hear some of the suggestions from School Council. 

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