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Owl Class is taught by Mrs Rebecca Brotherton

Owl Class Home Schooling Plans

Your child came home with a pacl of work. The pack is for the children to work through if they are unable to attend school or the school is shut. Work will also be added by google classroom and on the school website under the owl class tab.


Use times tables rockstars- daily for approximately 20 minutes

Complete 1 test from the SATs booklet each day or complete the maths sheet sent home.

Work through times tables activities sent through each day.


Read the relevant chapters for holes and answer the comprehension questions provided. More will be added to the website in due course.

Use the year 5/6 words. Choose 5 a day and practice. Find the meaning of words in dictionary and write sentences including them.

Read the world war 1 comprehension and each day complete 1 task.

Use Myon to read from- children all have log in details. Read for 20 minutes per day.


Each child has brought home a topic pack called ‘population’ they can work through this spending half an hour a day reading and answering questions.

This evening I will add  writing English work  to google classroom and the school website.

Kind regards

Rebecca Brotherton

23rd March 2020.

Ratio and Fractions presentation

Ratio and Fractions work

Holes by Louis Sachar

25th March 2020

Dear Parents,


I just wanted to let you know we are thinking of all of you during this crazy time- it's very strange knowing that the children are working at home and we can't help very much. However,  I've attached a couple of really good websites you may want to look at. 


Corbett Maths




This website provides videos, questions and answers for all aspects of the maths curriculum. Everything on the website is part of the year 5 and 6 curriculum- some we haven't done yet. However it would be good for the year 5 children to go over the following topics:


Fractions (adding, subtracting, mixed numbers)



multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

roman numerals

negative numbers


Year 6 as above but also including:



order of operations

mean ( we haven't done this yet)

proportion and ratio



The Literacy Shed




The literacy Shed provides a range of resources and short videos for the children to watch and create pieces of writing for. The thinking shed is particularly good and Danglehttps://www.literacyshed.com/the-thinking-shed.html is a great video for the children to watch (you will need to scroll through to find it). They can then write a diary entry or newspaper article about their experience. Year 6 have used videos from the Literacy Shed before and we've had some great writing. Each video comes with suggestions. If you have any issues regarding the work you are doing please email me.


Feel free to upload any work completed and I'll give feedback. I'll be uploading activities to google classroom and the school website.


Kind regards

To see the end of year expectations for Year 6 click here.

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