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Hedgehog Class is taught by Mrs Holmes

Please see below some work you can do from home.

30th March 2020

Dear Hedgehog Class

I really hope you are all staying safe at home right now.  I have put some learning on for you to have a go at this week.  If you need help, let me know. Please make sure that you tell the grown ups that look after you that it is ok to do just a little bit each day (I don't want them to get too good at teaching you or I will miss out on my favourite job!)


It's important to play in your garden and with your family too.  Maybe you could set up a shop at home and write a shopping list?  You could put some prices on some packets of food or toys so that you practise writing numbers?


You could count the number of birds that you see in your garden.  Draw Mrs Holmes a picture ( I would love that!). There are lots of things you can do. I know that you will be missing seeing your friends and looking forward to playing with them again soon.

Please could you ask your grown ups to take some photos to go on your Tapestry journal (I know some people have already).  I like being able to see the exciting things you are doing and making.  I have heard that someone in our class makes good cookies! and that someone else is practising her writing and hangs socks up on the washing line for her Mummy - brilliant!

If I get really clever with the computer I will try and record a story for you to listen to - it might take me a little while though😊

Take care all of you.

Mrs Holmes

Please see below for some work that you can complete at home.

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