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Squirrel Class

Year 2

Welcome to Squirrel Class!

Hedgehog Class is taught by Mrs Holmes and Mrs Platt-Nolan 

Dear Squirrel Class


Mrs Platt – Nolan and I are really looking forward to learning with you this term.  We know it is very different for all of us, but want to do our best to keep up the good work that you have already started this year.  There are a few things it would be helpful to know please in order that we can support your learning at home.  Please could you email and


  1. Do you have access to a computer?

  2. Can you access Google classroom?

  3. Can you access emails?

  4. Do you have a printer that you can use for home learning?


Mrs Platt – Nolan is going to organise the English home learning and I will do the Maths.  If you can, it is really helpful if you can upload your work to Google Classroom, however, we know that this isn’t easy for everybody.  If you prefer to email it back to us, that is fine too or if you have printed work that you wish to hand in you could always drop it off at school.  We will put a box out for you to put your work in by the gate.  We are hoping to see some brilliant work from each of you.  The work will also be on the Squirrel Class part of the website under home learning for the week.  Each week we will put some new work on, but the previous week will be taken off. 


Parents/carers – please don’t feel that you need to work with your children for hours, be guided by them.  We completely understand that it is just not possible to work in the same way that we would at school – particularly if you have other children or are working.  Talking to your children, sharing books and enjoying being together is so important at this difficult time.  If you need any help at all please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best wishes


Mrs Nicola Platt – Nolan

Mrs Pippa Holmes

To see end of year expectations click here

To see the end of year expectations click here

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