Behaviour and Rewards

At Woolpit School we aim to encourage a responsible and caring attitude between all age groups in order that all members of the school community can work together with the knowledge that unacceptable behaviour, including bullying in all its forms, will be challenged and will not be tolerated on the school site, or off the school site where it is witnessed by a teacher or reported to the school.


Integral to our policy is to encourage the children to take responsibility for their own actions and to consider how they should keep themselves and others safe within the school environment.  In addition, all members of our school community, including parents, must take shared responsibility for setting and maintaining high standards of behaviour, with a focus on positive behaviour management rather than punishment. 


Staff use a positive approach to behaviour through encouragement and praise, by being constructive in approach and by including advice on how to improvebehaviour when concerns are raised.  Every effort is made to ensure that all rewards and sanctions are fair and consistent, and our system of sanctions, which is on display in every classroom, is used to deal with poor behaviour effectively and consistently, and any sanction issued will take into account any special educational needs or disabilities the pupil has. 


Exclusion will only be used for the most serious incidents and in response to serious breaches of school policy.  Where a pupil is felt to be of serious risk of exclusion or disaffection, the school will establish a Pastoral Support Programme. 


Our Behaviour, Discipline and Bullying Policy explains in clear detail the aim of our policy, the approach to behaviour that we will take as a school, the importance of our relationship with parents, the rewards and sanctions that we use, and statutory guidance that informs our policy and will outline our powers with regards to discipline.  The behaviour policy is currently under construction and will be available soon.


This Behaviour Principles Statement and our Behaviour, Discipline and Bullying policy, will both be reviewed annually by the Personnel Committee and ratified by the whole Governing Body, and updated versions made available for staff, parents and pupils. 


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